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We’re experienced in replacing existing industrial and commercial roofs. Our service includes survey, design, specification and quotation for all industrial roofing projects.

Asbestos Roof Repairs

Asbestos enquiries begin with a site survey, cleaning, inspecting and checking specific areas of concern. Moss and vegetation is common place and water ingress from gutters, worn fixing bolts and cracked sheets are a regular occurrence. Isolated asbestos repairs are

Asbestos Damage

Upon areas of asbestos roofing suffering more escalated cracks or wider damage, Filon DR sheets (great for corrosive environments) can be fitted over the top as a new roofing layer. Asbestos gutters can be treated with superior products such as Giromax HPG, and Giromax Delglaze can be applied to rooflights to prevent further degradation whist they remain in situ.

Replacement of Asbestos Roofing

In more extreme cases where the asbestos roof is failing, a new metal profile roofing layer can be fitted over the top, to overclad and fully encapsulate the asbestos roofing. Alternatively the asbestos roofing can be safely removed and disposed of in the correct manner, then replaced with a new single skin, built up or composite cladding system as required by the client.

Single-Ply Membrane roof

Roof Twin – Skin Built Up

An alternative to composite panelling is a twin skin or built-up system of cladding.Since its introduction into the commercial and industrial roofing trade, the built up system has been known as a flexible and diverse alternative to traditional composite panelling. The built up system, also known as twin skin cladding, is installed in a similar way to the composite system using a liner sheet base, insulating core and aluminium or coated steel top sheets to finish. The liner sheets in particular have a number of benefits for the average industrial and commercial building owner and are just one individual roof component used in this system that can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Standing Seam Systems

Single-Ply Membrane

Single Ply membrane is suitable for flat, pitched or barrel roofs, these roofing systems are ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects using mechanically fixed, adhered and ballasted solutions to meet your individual requirements. As a flat roof covering option, the varying range of single-ply membranes offer many whole-life performance benefits including quick installation, the potential to prefabricate, ease of repair and good service performance.

Standing Seam Systems

Standing Seam Systems

Standing Seam systems are practical and robust and offer a modern ergonomic curved or straight finish to any roof. This system can combine aesthetics with a proven track record for performance and innovation and as such justifies it’s position as one of the most advanced and versatile roofing systems on the market today.

‘pre-layered’ Composite Roofing System

Composite Roofing

This is a cost effective ‘pre-layered’ roofing system which includes the lining, insulation and top sheet all in one panel.

The composite panels are available in a wide range of coatings and insulation thicknesses. They also have guaranteed structural & thermal performance

Composite roof systems are ideally suited for commercial and industrial projects delivering a fast and economical installation.

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  • Industrial Roofing & Cladding
  • Industrial Guttering Systems
  • Industrial Roofing Slate, Tile & Felting
  • Asbestos Roofing Repairs/Removal
  • Kingspan Installers
  • Plygene Installers
  • GRP Fibreglass Roofing
  • Maintenance Plans

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